South Central Kansas Roofs Sustains Damage Following October 3rd Hail Storm

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023 at 1:00am UTC

Great Bend and the Surrounding Area Undergoes Hail Storm Damage

Great Bend, United States - November 28, 2023 / Shull Construction /

Shull Construction has been serving South Central Kansas for 13 years and has storm damage restoration expertise. If you or a loved one sustained damage from the recent severe weather in Great Bend, Shull Construction is here to help.

Hail Storm Ravages Larned and Great Bend Roofs

October 3rd Hail Storm

On October 3rd, Larned Kansas, and the surrounding area, were hit with an intense thunderstorm that brought high, 60 mph winds and huge pieces of hail up to 2.90 inches in diameter. The severe hail storm caused substantial damage to homes and belongings around the Larned and Great Bend region.

hail in Great Bend

Why Great Bend Homeowners Should Be Concerned

Extreme weather and hail storms can often result in significant amounts of costly damage to your home and property. This hail damage can range from dented gutters, cracked, bruised, or missing shingles, dented roofing, cracked siding, shattered windows, and ripped screen doors, to leaking and water damage and even compromised structural integrity of your home.

Shull Construction is on Standby to Assist Homeowners with Storm Recovery

If you’ve noticed any of these signs of storm and hail damage, it’s you should call a roofing professional to come and assess your roof to prevent further damage. You’ll want to find a local roofing company that has storm damage repair experience in your city. Shull Construction is the #1 storm damage restoration team in South Central Kansas and provides inspections, emergency roof restoration services, and handles insurance claims.

Schedule a Free Estimate with Shull Construction

If you’ve noticed storm damage to your home and roofing, it’s important to address it in a timely fashion to keep your home safe. Shull Construction is committed to providing South Central Kansas with high-quality and long-lasting home improvement solutions.

Get in touch with Shull Construction today to learn more about its services by calling or visiting the website to request a free estimate!

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